Awana Club

Awana Club

A youth mission meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings during the school year to learn the gospel of Christ.  Contact:  Lesley Davison, Christian Ed. Chairman

                                                                                                             AWANA CLUB SPOTLIGHT

AWANA is Hilltop Chapel's youth mission.  Hilltop has been sponsoring AWANA for several years now.  Many children from our community come to AWANA Club every Tuesday evening during the school year.  AWANA comes from the first letters of the phrase:  "Approved worken are not ashamed."   (2 Timothy 2:15).  
The first goal of AWANA is to reach young people with the gospel of Christ.
The second goal of AWANA is to train them to serve Him.

Our AWANA clubbers have taken on Adopt-A-Club as their mission.  We are encouraging Clubbers to bee missionaries by involving them in this mission field.  They are being asked to work at home or a friend's to earn money.  Adopt-A-Club gives children overseas the opportunity to hear the gospel and gives our children a chance to learn about missions and stewardship.
                                                                           For more information, contact Lesey Davison, Christian Education Supt.

If children are to find their way to God, we must point the way.

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