Helping Hands

Helping Hands

A women's ministry providing for the needs of our church and the community and meeting monthly on the first Tuesday at 11 A.M.
Contact:  Laura Gia, President

                                                                                                                          HELPING HANDS SPOTLIGHT 

     Helping Hands is primarily the women's service group of Hilltop Chapel.  It  has been around for many years.  The group currently meets the first Tuesday of each month at 11 A.M.  A one-hour Bible study is held, then a potluck lunch is served, and a short business meeting follows.  One one requirement to be a member -- ATTEND.    If you come -- you are a part of Helping Hands.

                                                                                                            Examples of things we have done and still do:

Remember our name, HELPING HANDS.   The early church was small and of limited funds, so the ladies made and sold quilts as fund raisers to buy things for the church.  We kept quilts on hand and several families were thankful to receive one when their homes burned.   We gave money to an older lady in the church who was short of funds when the power bill came.   We purchased chair caddies for the folding chairs, a table caddy and tables for the church.  We donated funds to a church lady who was called east because of a death in the family.  For many years, we sponsored (and prepared) the Easter breakfast and sponsored the Thanksgiving dinner.  We provided welcome bags to families new to the church.  We sent Christmas boxes of goodies to servicemen from our church families.  We crocheted shawls for several ill ladies.  We donated memorial rose bushes to local families in mourning.   We are always willing to assist in the preparation of cooked dishes when there is an event at our church, such as a memorial service or wedding.  We donated new larger print pew Bibles to our Chapel.  We regularly contributed to the Church Benevolence Fund.  We prepare and deliver cookie trays at Christmas to shut-ins in our local community.  We sponsored and coordinated the Ladies Spring Tea.  We donate and assist with Evangel Home donations.  We give our December offering to the Pastor as our Christmas gift.  We sold cookbooks to raise funds for AWANA Club.  We purchase the Daily Breads for the church.  We provide a Scholarship Fund for the Hartland Christian Camp Women's Retreat.  We continue to raise funds, and give other assistance as needed.

We invite all ladies to come and join us ...  check us out.

                                                                                                                         Please contact Laura Gia for further information.

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