Held annually on the Sunday after Labor Day at Hume Lake.
Contact:  Pastor Rod Davison

                                                                                                         BAPTISM SPOTLIGHT

     Why is baptism so important?  Because it symbolizes one of God's purposes for our life:  Participating in the fellowship of God's eternal family.  Christian baptism is, according to the Bible, an outward testimony of what has occurred inwardly in a believer's life.  Your baptism declares your faith, illustrates a believer's identification with Christ's death, burial, and resurrection by sympbolizing your death to your old life, announces your new life in Christ, and celebrates your inclusion in God's family.  
    There are two requirements before a person is baptized:  1) the person being baptized must have trusted in Jesus Christ as Savior, and 2) the person must understand what baptism signifies.

     If a person knows the Lord Jesus as Savior, understands that Christian baptism is a step of obedience in publicly proclaiming his faith in Christ, and desires to be baptized, then there is no reason to prevent the believer from being baptized.
                                                                                                      Have you been baptized?

     If you haven't been baptized as an expression of your faith in Christ, and wish to do so, as Jesus has commanded, Hilltop Chapel conducts its annual baptism service on the Sunday after Labor Day at 2 P.M. at Hume Lake.

                                                                                  Please contact Pastor Rod for further information.

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