Sunday Snacks and Fellowship

Sunday Snacks and Fellowship

Provided weekly after Sunday Morning worship service in the Fellowship Hall.
Contact:  Kaysia Barr, Assistant Christian Ed. Chairman

                                                                                SUNDAY SNACKS AND FELLOWSHIP SPOTLIGHT

     We have some very talented and generous ladies (and gents) here at Hilltop Chapel who have volunteered to provide refreshments after the Sunday morning services.

     We are all thankful to those who donate their time to provide these delicious snacks to enjoy as we all spend some quality time visiting with others and enjoying the fellowship our church family provides.

     This is a very important part of our church ministry and has been enjoyed and appreciated by all of us for many years.  We would like to continue this important service, and always appreciate anyone who would like to step forward and help out by donating their time and culinary talents.

     If you would like to be a part of this worthwhile activity, a sign-up sheet is available in the Fellowship Hall.

                                                        For any further information, please see Kaysia Barr, Assistant Christian Ed. Chairman

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