Sunday Morning Worship Service

Sunday Morning Worship Service

Held weekly in the Chapel at 11:00 A.M. with Communion served on the first Sunday of each month.
Contact:  Pastor Rod Davison

                                                                                 SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE SPOTLIGHT

     This Hilltop Chapel service is really the centerpiece of all that we do on a weekly basis.  The service begins at 11 A.M. each week where, on Sunday, we have the greatest opportunity to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It may seem as if we are just meeting the needs of our regular attendees, but the truth is that there are many visitors or infrequent worshipers each week.

     Since we are never aware of who will be with us, we seek the wisdom of God, through prayer, asking that the Holy Spirit speak through us.  Whether we are singing praises, praying or preaching the Word, we believe God is doing His will in every aspect of the service.

     The simple Gospel of Jesus Christ is what has been preached since 1953 here at Hilltop Chapel.  The results have been truly astounding, when you think of how far off the "beaten path" we are.

     Praise the Lord for His grace and favor as we continue to spread the Gospel.

                                                                                For further information, please see Pastor Rod Davison

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