Church Calendar

Hilltop Chapel 



June 2018

June 5   TUE    11:00 AM     Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting is hosted by Donna Stieber at her home.  All the ladies are invited and welcome to attend.
                      7 AM to 8 PM   California Midterm Primary Elections with the polling place at Hilltop Chapel.

June 7   THU   7:00 PM         Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting at Hilltop Chapel.

June 16  SAT   8:00 AM        Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  All men are invited and welcome to attend.
                          10:00 AM       Ladies' Craft Day

June 21   THU   7:00 PM       Official Board Meeting at Hilltop Chapel.

June 24  SUN  11:00 AM      Hilltop Chapel's 65th Anniversary Worship Service.
                            12:15 AM     65th Anniversary Celebration & Dinner.  Please bring your family, friends and neighbors to help us celebrate.  It's going to be fun to spend time 
                                                   with old and new friends as we remember the many milestones in our 65 year journey with the Lord in Miramonte.


May 2018

May 1    TUE    11:00 AM       Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting is hosted by Donna Stieber & Laura Gia at Hilltop Chapel.  Hope to see many of you there.

May 3     THU    5:30 PM        Kickoff for VBS Prep Night.  Our VBS art staff is already at work pulling together all the elements that will make this one of our best VBS weeks, ever!!
                                                    Hope you'll come and share your enthusiasm for our youngsters by donating a little of your time to get things ready for July 16-20, 2018!!  
                             7:00 PM        Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  Our meeting this month will be held at Hilltop Chapel, with lots of important church business on the agenda.  
                                                    Please pray  that we get everything accomplished according to God's will and purpose.

May 12     SAT    2:00 PM       Ladies' Spring Tea.  Due to the efforts of Kaysia Barr and others, this event has been put back on the calendar for 2018.  We already have had a 
                                                     positive response, not only from our church members, but also from the community at large.  If you would like to attend, or help with the planning,
                                                     just give Kaysia a call for all the pertinent information.  

May 13   SUN  11:00 PM   Mother's Day Worship Service.  Today, we honor the mothers in our midst, remembering their self-sacrifice, hard work and long hours

                                                     spent on our behalf over the years.  It was because of teir deep love and devotion that many of us heard the Gospel message and we thank them for all 
                                                     they've done.  Make this a special day, by bringing Mom to church this morning.  Also, don't forget that Mother's Day is also the day to remember the
                                                     innocent babies who were never given the chance to live.  The best way to honor these fallen little ones is to buy a corsage for Mom from Right to Life
                                                     of Central California.  All proceeds go directly to this worthy charity.

May 19   SAT   8:00 AM     Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  Our guys are really accepting the challenge of of being the leaders God has called them to be and meeting

                                                    the needs of the church in many ways.  Pray that they seek God in every area of their lives.  
                              2:00 PM       Miramonte School Reunion.  Miramonte School was closed in 2003.  Today, students, teachers, staff and administration will all be getting together for
                                                     an afternoon and evening of fun, food, fellowship and remembrance of days gone by.  We'll all be meeting at Dunlap Community Center, next to 
                                                     Dunlap School.  

May 28   MON   7:30 PM        Franklin Graham Decision America, California Tour.  Franklin will hold a meeting at 7:30 PM at Fresno Fairgrounds.  You won't want to miss this 
                                                     opportunity to see Franklin Graham in person and listen to his message of hope for everyone in Fresno, the Central Valley and our foothill communities.
                                                     Please pray for this important outreach!



APRIL 2018

Apr. 1     SUN   6:30 AM          Easter Sunrise Service.  As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, let's also remember how much He suffered and, ultimately, died for our sins.  
                                                     What a glorious day this truly is.  He is risen!  He is risen, indeed!
                            7:15 AM         Easter Breakfast.  The men of Hilltop Chapel prepare and serve our Easter morning meal with great care and the results are always delicious.    
                                                     There is one lady who is involved in the cooking each Easter morning, Lee McComb, who makes the very best biscuits and gravy, ever!
                            8:00 AM         Easter Egg Hunt.  Children from toddlers through 5th grade look forward to hunting for special Easter eggs each year.  The eggs contain not only 
                                                     candy, but a piece of paper that tells part of the Easter story.
                            9:00 AM         Easter Worship Service.  Our final service of Easter Sunday brings us to a greater appreciation of God's love, grace and mercy to all of us.

Apr. 2     MON                           Teen Mountain Ministry serving dinner to staff and residents at Evangel home.

Apr. 3     TUE   11:00 AM        Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting will be held at the Hilltop Chapel Fellowship Hall with hostess Dorothy Murad.  
                                                     You already know that the food will be delicious, so save the date and plan to join us.
                              4:30 PM        AWANA Club Meeting.  The kids are back from Spring Break (Easter) and raring to go in the exciting last 7 weeks.  Although the group has
                                                      been a little smaller this year than in the past, the kids & adults are really enthusiastic and have embraced the concepts & studies presented
                                                      to them.  Keep praying for the AWANA program.

Apr. 5     THU     7:00 PM         Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  Our "board" will meet at Hilltop Chapel this month to discuss and pray about the ongoing spiritual needs
                                                      of church members as well as the community at large.

Apr. 13   FRI      6:00 PM          Christian Night at Grizzlies' Game.

Apr. 21   SAT     8:00 AM         Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  Our men's group really enjoys our monthly excursion into culinary excellence, as well as a gab fest centered
                                                      on hunting, fishing, camping and the all important Honey-Do's waiting at home.  All-in-all, a pretty good Saturday morning!
                           10:00 AM         Ladies' Craft Day.  If you didn't get it quite done last month, you still have plenty of time before Mother's Day!  So come out & join us!

Apr. 29   SUN    5:30 PM          Supper & A Movie Night.   As we go to press, the movie is still to be determined.  We'll keep you posted, but can guarantee it will be a good one!

For further details, please call Hilltop Chapel at (559) 336-2454