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July 2017 

7/4/17    TUE    ALL DAY        Independence Day.  We all know the tremendous importance of this
                                                   particular day in the history of our country.  Please, let’s not let the
                                                   celebration of the “4th of July” overshadow the real reason this day is
                                                   revered as no other national holiday.  Let freedom ring!!
7/6/17    THU      7:00 PM       Deacons’ & Deaconesses’ Meeting.  As usual, we will be meeting at the
                                                   home of Pascal & Kathy Williamson.  As the needs of our congregation
                                                   grow with each passing day, please pray for the “board” that God will
                                                   provide wisdom and courage to make the right decisions for our church.
7/11/17  TUE    11:00 AM        Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  Our gathering, this month, will be
                                                   held at the home of Donna Stieber.  It’s always a pleasure to venture out
                                                   and experience the hospitality of our ladies in their own environment.
                                                   We always feel welcome and comfortable when Donna invites us in. 
                                                   Hope you’ll join us!
7/15/17  SAT     8:00 AM         Men’s Breakfast & Fellowship.  Since we’re gearing up for VBS, men’s
                                                   breakfast will be a co-ed get together this month.  The ladies of the
                                                   church are invited to join us and have the morning off from making
                                                   breakfast.  We’d like to say it is a magnanimous gesture from the men,
                                                   but that would not be completely true…
                           9:15 AM          The Rest of the Story.  After breakfast, we’ll be doing our annual VBS
                                                   Workday.  An extra pair of hands help to make the work go faster and
                                                   more enjoyably.  So, we hope you’ll join us for breakfast and a little
                                                   cleanup to make everything special for our VBS kids.  Thank you, in
                                                   advance, for your help.
7/17/17  MON   8:30 AM          VBS Registration.  Bring the kids early and get them signed up and
                                                   ready to go for a week of fun and adventure at Hilltop Chapel VBS,
                                                   “Barnyard Roundup”.
7/17-21   9AM-Noon                  Hilltop Chapel VBS “Barnyard Roundup”.  The theme for our latest
                                                   adventure in the Bible is: “Jesus Gathers Us Together”.  We really do
                                                   need to be together in Jesus, like never before in history, so come join
                                                   in the experience.
7/21/17  FRI      11:30 PM        Closing Ceremony & Family Day.  All family members and friends are
                                                   invited to join us and spend the last day of VBS seeing what the kids have
                                                   been doing all week.
                           Noon               Hot Dog Barbeque.  We close every VBS week with a great BBQ, sure to
                                                   make your mouth water.  The fellowship is close and the food is really good.
                                                   Hope you’ll join us.
7/30/17  SUN      5:30 PM        Supper & A Movie.  Our movie this month is the story of a young surfer,
                                                   Bethany Hamilton, who loses her left arm to a shark attack.  It’s heart
                                                   breaking and hopeful to watch how this teenager gets back in the water and
                                                   back into life by turning everything over to God and letting Him lead her.

For further details, please call Hilltop Chapel at (559) 336-2454.

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