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MARCH 2018

Mar. 6     TUE   11:00 AM           Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting will be held at the Hilltop Chapel Fellowship Hall with hostess Donna Symons.  We hope you'll join us this month and start a new 
                                                         (good) habit for 2018!

Mar. 8     THU    7:00 PM            Deacons & Deaconesses Meeting.  Our meeting for the month of March will be held at Hilltop Chapel.  The Deacon board covets your prayers as we forge forward in 2018.  A busy schedule 
                                                         keeps us on our toes and looking for God's leading in every area.

Mar. 15   THU     7:00 PM           Official Board Meeting.  Our 1st meeting of the New Year will be held in the Hilltop Chapel Fellowship Hall.  All board members are encouraged to attend.  Any church members or interested 
                                                         parties are welcome to sit in on this meeting, also.

Mar. 17    SAT     8:00 AM          Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  Our men's group is growing at every meeting in 2018 and we're looking to embark on some ambitious projects on the church campus and, hopefully, in the
                                                         community (as soon as the weather turns toward Spring).  So, come join us!
                            10:00 AM           Ladies' Craft Day.  Spring is a wonderful time to wax creative and have a project to get going on.  There's no better place to do that than with your Hilltop Chapel friends.  Come out and join us!

Mar. 18    SUN   5:30 PM            Supper & A Movie.  This event is usually held the last (4th or 5th) Sunday of the month, but because of our special Palm Sunday concert, we decided to move it.  We know you won't want to
                                                         miss this one.  Greg Laurie and his organization, Harvest, have made their very successful movie, "Steve McQueen:  American Idol", available to the general public.  We're excited to offer it to our
                                                         congregation, along with a delicious supper.  So, mark the date and join us.

Mar. 25    SUN   11:00 AM          Palm Sunday Concert with "Reliance".  This exciting trio was with us on Mother's Day, 2 years ago, and we couldn't think of a better time than Palm Sunday to invite them back.  So, bring your
                                                          family, friends and anybody else you can think of and join us.  There will also be a potluck lunch served immediately after the service.  Hope to see you there.

Mar. 30    FRI       7:00 PM           Good Friday Service.  Remembering the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus, on the cross of Calvary, is a sobering and humbling experience.  To think He, the King of Glory, would come into this sin-filled
                                                          world and give His life to rescue all of us is more than we can wrap our minds around.  Come, join us for an hour of grateful and reverent remembrance of the darkest and yet most glorious day 
                                                          in history.



Feb. 6     TUE    11:00 AM          Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting will be held at Hilltop Chapel.  As always, all the ladies of Hilltop Chapel are most welcome to be part of the ongoing ministry of Helping 
                                                        Hands.  Plus, the fellowship is delightful and the food is delicious!  It's a win, win proposition.  Come join us!

Feb. 8     THU     7:00 PM           Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  Our meeting this month will be held at Hilltop Chapel, in the Fellowship Hall.  We will be welcoming our newest deacon, Russell Crose, and look forward to 
                                                        another year of serving God, our church and the community.  Pray for us as we seek to provide spiritual leadership in these difficult days in which we live.

Feb. 15   THU     7:00 PM           Official Board Meeting.  The newly elected board will convene its first meeting tonight.  We look forward to exciting things from the Lord this year, as we meet about His business here in
                                                         Miramonte, and in the surrounding communities.

Feb. 17    SAT      8:00 AM           Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  We had a really exciting meeting in January and know that this month -- and those to follow -- will be building on that foundation.  The guys are determined
                                                          to get a number of projects completed this year, which will be extremely beneficial to our entire body of believers, and it all begins with a good breakfast -- so come on out and join us.

                              10:00 AM          Ladies' Craft Day.  What I noticed last month was lots of sewing going on.  So, if that's your passion, or if you're led in an entirely different direction, come on out and join us!

Feb. 23     FRI       6:00 PM           Sweetheart Dinner.  We're looking forward to a wonderful evening, as we invite our couples to join us for delicious food, great conversation and lots of good music.  Save the date!

Feb. 25     SUN     5:30 PM           Supper & A Movie.  This month's movie is a wonderful story of a young man's journey from the darkness of sin to the hope, joy and peace that only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can 
                                                           bring.  You won't want to miss "King's Faith".



Jan. 9 TUE 11:00 AM    Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.   This month’s meeting will be held at Hilltop Chapel. We hope you’ll join us for the kickoff of the 
                                           New Year—2018! As usual, the food is delicious, the company excellent and the conversation stimulating.

                        4:30 PM   AWANA Club Meeting.  The first AWANA meeting of the New Year is always an exciting time for the youngsters, as they get back into the

                                           swing of things after a three week absence. Pray for the leaders and helpers as they guide the kids into the truth of God’s holy word—the Bible.

Jan. 11 THU 7:00 PM   Deacons’ & Deaconesses’ Meeting.  The board will be meeting at Hilltop Chapel and the agenda is full of plans for the New Year. Be in prayer for

                                          these spiritual leaders as they, too, are praying for you.

Jan. 18 THU 7:00 PM   Official Board Meeting.  This is the first meeting of the board for the New Year, but the last meeting for some of our board members. We wish to

                                          thank all of those who have served the church so diligently in 2017 and look forward to 2018 with eager anticipation. We covet your prayers as we

                                          tackle lots of projects on the campus of Hilltop Chapel as well as the ongoing work of reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jan. 20 SAT 8:00 AM    Men’s Breakfast and Fellowship.  We are looking forward to getting a greater percentage of the men of the church out to our, once a month, 

                                          meetings and encourage all the men to take a greater role in the work of the church. We know Jesus is coming again soon and we need our men 

                                          to be spiritual leaders, both at Hilltop Chapel and at home!

Jan. 28 SUN 1:00 PM   Annual Church Business Meeting & Election.  We look forward to an exciting year as we forge ahead into 2018! We’re thankful for an active and

                                          vibrant membership and eagerly anticipate working with those whom God is calling into service for Him this year. Be in prayer for this meeting!


We have been contemplating adding another missionary outreach to our group for 2018. It’s a big step for our congregation and we want to be obedient to the Lord’s leading. Two groups are being considered that we will offer up for consideration at our upcoming annual meeting: The Arancibia Family in Cochabamba, Bolivia and Asian Partners in Kalimantan, Borneo. The Arancibia’s (Osvaldo, Timara, Jaran (7) and Zola (5), have been with us as guest speakers a couple of times in the past. They are starting their 4th year in Bolivia as Guesthouse operators for SIM International Ministries, housing ministry groups from all over the globe and also operating church services and seminars for church planters. Asian Partners, (founded by “Borneo” Bob Williams in 1938), has been planting native churches (300+) all over Indonesia. They also operate Christian elementary, middle and high schools in Kalimantan, along with a fully accredited university and seminary. And, they are now sending missionaries into India!  

For further details, please call Hilltop Chapel at (559) 336-2454