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September 2018

Sept  4   TUE   11:00 AM   Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting will be held at the home of Linda & Paul Riffel.  It's always a pleasure to travel the old country 
                                                road to the Riffel's and see their immaculate yard and gorgeous views.  The food is always delicious and the company, outstanding.  Come on out and 
                                                join us.
                            6:00 PM    Baptism Class.  Our last class before the baptism will be held tonight.  If you are interested in being baptized, we'd love to have you with us.
Sept 6   THU     7:00 PM    Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  Our monthly meetings are held at Hilltop Chapel.  The "board" has been busy with new ideas and planning for new
                                                outreaches to bring people into our fellowship.  Our prayer is that many new families will join our ever growing body of believers.
Sept 8   SAT      9:00 AM    Follow-up Events Meetings.  Isidro Bruno will be holding a morning series of planning meetings for 3 events to be held in the coming months.  We 
                                                welcome your input and participation in planning one or more of these events.  All are encouraged to bring your ideas to the table.
Sept 9   SUN     2:00 PM    Baptism at Hume Lake.  Bring your picnic lunch, a desire for good fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, and a heart full of prayer and support
                                                for those who will be baptized today.  What a great day it will be as we witness folks identifying with Jesus in believers' baptism.
Sept 11  TUE     6:30 PM   Evangel Home Banquet at Tornino's Banquet Center in Fresno.  This banquet is so special in that we get to see the fruit of diligent labor poured into
                                                the lives of women and children from the mean streets of Fresno.  It will also be the last banquet with Gerre Brenneman as Executive Director of Evangel
                                                Home.  Those of you who have met Gerre over the years, know how much time and effort she has lovingly given to the home in the past 30 years.  Come
                                                join us as we celebrate her life and ministry.   See Linda Riffel for further details.
Sept 15   SAT    8:00 AM   Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  The men are actively involved in the upgrades being made in the services provided by the church and reaching out to the
                                               community.  Pray with us that this is only the beginning of many great things God will do in and through us in the near future.
Sept 20  THU    6:30 PM   Christians in Action -- "A Night of Thanks".  See Linda Riffel for details.
Sept 27  THU    7:00 PM   Official Board Meeting.   Our meeting will be held in the Hilltop Chapel Fellowship Hall.  All board members are encouraged to attend.
Sept 30  SUN    5:30 PM   Supper & A Movie.  We've had really good turnouts for our last several movies and we hope to keep the streak going this month.  Our young people are 
                                               helping with the cooking and we are excited to see them taking an active roll in the work of the church.  Come on out and bring a friend.
JUST A REMINDER            OCTOBER 21, 2018 is the date for our Harvest Dinner and Auction.  Start putting together your auction items so that by the time the day arrives you'll
                                               have bunches of things (all good stuff, of course) to be put on the auction block.  So, put it on your calendar and don't forget!

                                                                 *                             *                             *                         *                           *


August 2018

Aug 2   THU     6:00 PM     Youth Ministry Seminar with Pastor Jim Cecy.  The seminar is being held at Campus Bible Church, 4710 N. Maple Ave., Fresno (Just south of Save Mart
                                                Center).  Dr. Cecy is a wonderful pastor/speaker/teacher, who shares his wisdom in plain language that everyone can understand.  

Aug 4   SAT    8:30 AM       Brainstorming Breakfast.  Bring pastries, quiches, donuts, croissants or anything else breakfast oriented and get ready to have some fun!  We're going to
                                                be sharing ideas on how to make Hilltop Chapel a more viable asset to our community and honor God in the process.  So bring your thinking caps and 
                                                let's see what we can come up with.

Aug 7   TUE   11:00 AM     Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  Our meeting this month will be held at the home of Paula Aliano.  She always makes us feel right at home and her
                                                desserts are pretty exceptional, also.  So, come on out and join us!

Aug 9   THU     7:00 PM     Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  Our board will meet at Hilltop Chapel to go over the results of our seminar with Pastor Jim Cecy, as well as some 
                                                ongoing projects we're working on.

Aug 18  SAT     8:00 AM    Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  After two straight months of combined workdays, we're back to normal this month.  Just a bunch of good 'ol boys (with
                                                a few curmudgeons thrown in) talking about "stuff" and having good food.  It doesn't get any better than that, except that Jesus is also an integral
                                                part of the conversation.  Come join us!
                           10:00 AM   Ladies' Craft Day.  The men clear out -- and usually leave some coffee behind for the ladies to drink as they occupy the Fellowship Hall for a couple
                                                of hours of fellowship and lots of crafts.  Join in on the fun!

Aug 19  SUN    11:00 AM   Brother Tony Heredia is back in town with lots of stories to tell us about his recent trips to South America and Mexico.  Lots of adventures and lives changed
                                                 by the gospel of Jesus Christ are always part of Tony's repertoire.  You won't want to miss it, so bring a friend!

Aug 26   SUN    5:30 PM     Supper & A Movie.  We're still up in the air about our movie for this month, but watch the website & bulletins.


July 2018

July 1    SUN    11:00 AM   Hilltop Chapel Independence Day Worship Service.  We will be celebrating our glorious, God-given, freedom to worship as we honor those who blazed the trail 
                                                 242 years ago.  Let freedom ring throughout the land and liberty for all!  God bless the United States of America!

July 4   WED   ALL DAY   Independence Day!  America's Birthday!  Let's celebrate by giving glory to God for allowing us the privilege of living in the greatest nation in

                                                 the world.  In spite of all that is wrong, there is much to be thankful for.

July 5    THU    7:00 PM       Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  This month's meeting will be held at Hilltop Chapel.  The board will be considering a wide range of options for 
                                                  expanding our ministry and influence into the Miramonte community.  We believe the time is short and we've got to do it now!  Pray for us.

July 10   TUE   11:00 AM     Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting will be held at Penny Burgin's Wilsonia cabin, in Kings Canyon National Park.  This is one
                                                  of our favorite stops of the whole year.  The atmosphere is perfect, the food is great, the hospitality is 1st rate & there are prizes!  There's a raffle with
                                                  great prizes, so you definitely won't want to miss this day!   Join us.

July 14   SAT    8:00 AM       Men's Breakfast & Fellowship & VBS Workday.  We're meeting one week early this month as we've got to get things set up for the youngsters, who will
                                                  be here starting the 16th.  We could sure use lots of help, cleaning the campus, hanging up murals & posters, vacuuming, cleaning, mowing & weed
                                                  whacking.  Please save the day and come lend a hand!   God will bless you for the efforts.

July 16  MON    8:30 AM      Registration for Hilltop Chapel Vacation Bible School.
                             9:00 AM      Hilltop Chapel VBS, "Shipwrecked -- Rescued By Jesus".   What a great way to give your children a week of fun, games, crafts, music, fellowship & a 
                                                   deeper understanding of God's love, mercy and grace for all of us!

July 20   FRI    11:30 AM     "Shipwrecked -- Rescued By Jesus" Closing ceremonies.  All parents, grand-parents, friends & neighbors of our VBS kids are welcome to join us and see
                                                  what the youngsters have been up to all week.  We think you'll be amazed by the things they've been working on.  You won't want to miss it!
                            Noon             Hot Dog BBQ.  This is a favorite for our VBSers and their families, so come on out, bring family & friends and end the week on a really high note! 

July 29   SUN   11:00 AM     Guest Speaker:  Russell Crose will be bring the message this Sunday as Pastor Rod will be speaking at Hartland Christian Camp.  Russell is a gifted 
                                                   speaker and really brings the truth of God's word home in a fresh and powerful way.  You won't want to miss what Russell has to say!
                            5:30 PM        Supper & A Movie.  We're going to be doing something a little different this month, so keep watching for updates as to the event and we'll give you
                                                    more information as we get closer to the date.  It should be fun and uplifting for everybody.  Stay tuned in; you won't be disappointed!

For further details, please call Hilltop Chapel at (559) 336-2454