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November 2018

Nov 1    THU    7:00 PM      Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  Our meeting this month will be held at Hilltop Chapel  and will focus on new & encouraging things we are seeking 
                                                 to implement to make our church more responsive and interactive with our community.   Pray for us!
Nov 3    SAT     7:00 AM      Teen Mt. Ministry Yard Sale.  As in years past, the yard sale will be held at the home of Kaysia & David Barr (across from the Miramonte Post Office).
Nov 6    TUE  7AM-8PM     Election Day -- Hilltop Chapel is the designated polling place for the Miramonte/Pinehurst community.  Be sure to exercise your right and 
                                                 responsibility to vote.
Nov 13  TUE  11:00 AM     Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting will be held at Hilltop Chapel and our hostess will be Marsha Wilcher.  Our meeting will be
                                                 followed by Operation Christmas Child box packing party.  This is National Collection Week for gift boxes.
Nov 17   SAT    8:00 AM     Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  Our men get together once a month on the 3rd Saturday to talk, discuss, laugh and generally enjoy each other's company
                                                 for an hour or so and eat a hearty breakfast.  We also spend some time discussing some topic from God's word.
Nov 18   SUN  11:00 AM    Thanksgiving Worship Service.  As we enter Thanksgiving week, we give special praise and honor to the Provider of all good things, our heavenly Father.
                           12:15 PM    Thanksgiving Dinner.   Hilltop Chapel swings its doors wide open in welcome to all who wish to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with us.  Bring family, friends, 
                                                 neighbors and join us for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.
Nov 22   THU   ALL DAY     Thanksgiving Day.  Be sure to thank God for the many blessings we enjoy here in the United States of America!
Nov 25   SUN   11:00 AM   Worship with Todd & Wendy Netland.  Todd has been with us, by himself, many times, but now he is returning with his wife, Wendy, to play piano and 
                                                 sing praise to the Lord.  You won't want to miss this wonderful couple. 


October 2018

Oct 2    TUE     11:00 AM    Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.   This month's meeting will be held at Hilltop Chapel and our hostess is Barbara Hunter.  We're always interested

                                                 in adding new ladies to our number, so come out and join us for:  Bible study, great food and excellent fellowship! 
Oct 4    THU      7:00 PM     Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  The "board" will be meeting to discuss the ongoing needs of Hilltop Chapel and our community.  We are seeking
                                                 to expand our horizons and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who need Him most.
Oct 7    SUN     11:00 PM    Operation Christmas Child Kickoff.  Samaritan's Purse has distributed millions of "shoe boxes" full of Christmas gifts to children all over the world for the 
                                                 past 25 years, and this year is no exception.  Join us as we seek to meet our goal of 150 boxes sent out by Hilltop Chapel this year.
Oct 10  WED     7:00 PM     Wednesday Evening Bible Study.  A few weeks ago, we turned our plans toward reaching out from our church to the community.  The most important
                                                 aspect of this is to teach our folks how to, most effectively, express God's love, grace and mercy to all who will listen.  Come on out and join us!
Oct 20   SAT      8:00 AM    Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  Our men's group is steadily growing and we're looking for some more dedicated Christian men to fill out our ranks.  
                                                 You may be one of them -- so, no time like the present to get started!  And the food and fellowship aren't half bad either.  
                             9:15 AM    Harvest Dinner Work Day.  We always seem to have lots of guests for our Harvest Dinner & Auction, so we want to put our best foot forward.  That's
                                                 where you come in.  If you can spare a few hours this morning to give us a hand sprucing up the campus, you'll be blessed and those who arrive on 
                                                 Sunday will enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Oct 21   SUN   12:15 PM    Harvest Dinner & Auction.  Our annual event to raise money for our missionaries' Christmas gifts is already upon us.  We hope you've been saving your
                                                "special stuff" just to watch it be auctioned off for a very good purpose.  These events are always a lot of fun, the food is terrific, and you might just 
                                                 walk away with one or more treasures to replace the ones you donated.  Hope to see you there.
Oct 27   SAT   2-5:00 PM   Trunk or Treat at Dunlap School.  Hilltop Chapel is sponsoring a spot at this year's event to let folks know who we are and what we are doing just up the
                                                 road from the school.   We're looking for folks to donate candy for the booth and also to get involved by spending some time manning the location.  If
                                                 you're interested, see or call Lee McComb.
Oct 28   SUN     5:30 PM     Supper & A Movie.  If you've been to any of our recent Sunday night gatherings, you've seen a real excitement among the folks.  This month's movie
                                                 should gin up the experience even more.  It's called:  "Apocalypse".

                                                                       *                           *                           *                        *                         *                              *


September 2018

Sept  4   TUE   11:00 AM   Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting will be held at the home of Linda & Paul Riffel.  It's always a pleasure to travel the old country 
                                                road to the Riffel's and see their immaculate yard and gorgeous views.  The food is always delicious and the company, outstanding.  Come on out and 
                                                join us.
                            6:00 PM    Baptism Class.  Our last class before the baptism will be held tonight.  If you are interested in being baptized, we'd love to have you with us.
Sept 6   THU     7:00 PM    Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  Our monthly meetings are held at Hilltop Chapel.  The "board" has been busy with new ideas and planning for new
                                                outreaches to bring people into our fellowship.  Our prayer is that many new families will join our ever growing body of believers.
Sept 8   SAT      9:00 AM    Follow-up Events Meetings.  Isidro Bruno will be holding a morning series of planning meetings for 3 events to be held in the coming months.  We 
                                                welcome your input and participation in planning one or more of these events.  All are encouraged to bring your ideas to the table.
Sept 9   SUN     2:00 PM    Baptism at Hume Lake.  Bring your picnic lunch, a desire for good fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, and a heart full of prayer and support
                                                for those who will be baptized today.  What a great day it will be as we witness folks identifying with Jesus in believers' baptism.
Sept 11  TUE     6:30 PM   Evangel Home Banquet at Tornino's Banquet Center in Fresno.  This banquet is so special in that we get to see the fruit of diligent labor poured into
                                                the lives of women and children from the mean streets of Fresno.  It will also be the last banquet with Gerre Brenneman as Executive Director of Evangel
                                                Home.  Those of you who have met Gerre over the years, know how much time and effort she has lovingly given to the home in the past 30 years.  Come
                                                join us as we celebrate her life and ministry.   See Linda Riffel for further details.
Sept 15   SAT    8:00 AM   Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  The men are actively involved in the upgrades being made in the services provided by the church and reaching out to the
                                               community.  Pray with us that this is only the beginning of many great things God will do in and through us in the near future.
Sept 20  THU    6:30 PM   Christians in Action -- "A Night of Thanks".  See Linda Riffel for details.
Sept 27  THU    7:00 PM   Official Board Meeting.   Our meeting will be held in the Hilltop Chapel Fellowship Hall.  All board members are encouraged to attend.
Sept 30  SUN    5:30 PM   Supper & A Movie.  We've had really good turnouts for our last several movies and we hope to keep the streak going this month.  Our young people are 
                                               helping with the cooking and we are excited to see them taking an active roll in the work of the church.  Come on out and bring a friend.
JUST A REMINDER            OCTOBER 21, 2018 is the date for our Harvest Dinner and Auction.  Start putting together your auction items so that by the time the day arrives you'll
                                               have bunches of things (all good stuff, of course) to be put on the auction block.  So, put it on your calendar and don't forget!

                                                                 *                             *                             *                         *                           *


For further details, please call Hilltop Chapel at (559) 336-2454