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February 2019

Feb. 5    TUE   11:00 AM        Helping Hands Meeting & Potluck.  This month's meeting will be held in the Hilltop Chapel Fellowship Hall.  The ladies have been busy with lots of 

                                                    projects and one of their favorites is the Stamp Ministry.  Used postage stamps are collected, trimmed, sorted and sent to a clearing house in
                                                    Florida to be sold to collectors.  The proceeds are used to supply Sunday School materials for children in Latin & South America.  What a unique and
                                                    wonderful way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ!
Feb. 7     THU   7:00 PM         Deacons & Deaconesses Meeting.  The new board will meet at Hilltop Chapel and begin a new year of setting the tone for the spiritual direction of
                                                    our congregation in prayer, worship and community outreach.  Our motto for 2019 is, "Just One More For Jesus."
Feb. 10   SUN  11:00 AM       Guest Speaker.  One of our own, Isidro Bruno, will be leading worship and bring the message today.  God is raising up people for His service and 
                                                    Bruno, as he is affectionately known, is responding to the call the Lord has placed upon him.  Please pray for him and his continuing ministry among
Feb. 16    SAT    8:00 AM       Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  The men of the church have bonded together to not only "break bread" and socialize once a month, but to be the 
                                                    spiritual leaders of our body of believers.  God has called us to stand up in these difficult times and be counted upon to bring the "good news" of Jesus
                                                    to our community.  Come join us!
Feb. 21   THU    7:00 PM        Official Board Meeting.  The newly elected board will meet for the first time this evening and tackle the agenda for the year 2019.  There is much work
                                                    to be done, so we'll be working hard to make wise choices concerning the direction of our outreach to the community, but also the spiritual needs of
                                                    our congregation.  Your prayers on behalf of the board are appreciated. 
Feb. 23   SAT     5:30 PM       Supper & A Movie.  As you will notice, we've moved this event to a different day.  In order to accommodate those who are facing a challenging work
                                                    week, and may not want to come out Sunday night, we're going to try holding Supper & A Movie on Saturdays to see if it catches on.  Our 1st movie
                                                    of the New Year is, "Unbroken: Path to Redemption."  It's the story of the life of Louis Zamperini, the Olympic runner who was captured and tortured
                                                    during World War II.  This film tells the rest of his story and it is a wonderful example of what God can do to revolutionize hearts and lives in miraculous
                                                    ways.  You won't want to miss it!  Oh, by the way, the food is excellent and the cost is always the same -- FREE!


January 2019

Jan. 1   TUE   ALL DAY             New Year's Day.  Happy New Year and may God richly bless you in 2019.

Jan. 3   THU  7:00 PM              Deacons' & Deaconesses' Meeting.  Our last meeting before the end of the term will be held at Hilltop Chapel.  We wish to thank our deacons 
                                                      and deaconesses for a job well done in 2018 and look forward to 2019 with eager anticipation.

Jan. 5   SAT  9AM-7PM           Craft Day Fundraiser.  The ladies of Hilltop Chapel are inviting all craft enthusiasts in our mountain area to join them for a day of crafting (your
                                                      choice of crafting endeaver), food, good conversation, prizes and lots of fun.  The proceeds from the day go toward sending some deserving
                                                      children to Hartland Christian Camp this coming summer.  What better way to spend the 1st Saturday of 2019!

Jan. 17   THU   7:00 PM            Official Board Meeting.  Our present official board will meet for the final time before the annual church meeting & election.  We will be discussing
                                                       pending matters and map out the year for 2019.  Pray for the board as many things are "on the table" this time around.

Jan. 19   SAT   8:00 AM             Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  As we watch 2018 in the "rearview mirror", we turn our attention to 2019 and what we can accomplish as the men of
                                                       Hilltop Chapel.  There is much to be done, both spiritually & also to the ongoing needs to the physical campus.  Join us and help to make us a 
                                                       stronger and more interactive part of the Miramonte-Pinehurst-Badger community.

Jan. 27   SUN   1:00 PM            Annual Church Business Meeting & Election.  The adult members of Hilltop Chapel, along with interested non-members, are encouraged to attend
                                                       this very important yearly event in the life of our church.  We will be presenting our vision for outreath in our area as well as electing officers to our
                                                       official board for the coming year.  We pray that all of you will join us as we chart our course for 2019.
MISSIONS MOMENT                 We'd like to take a little time here to add our appreciation for the fine job Linda Riffel & Donna Symons have done with our missions' program for 2018.
                                                        They've kept us well informed as to the giving for missions each month and spend numerous hours on projects such as the Stamp Ministry (which 
                                                        purchases Christian curriculum for Sunday Schools in South America); Operation Christmas Child (which collected 110 shoeboxes filled with toys, 
                                                        books & essentials for children all over the world -- sponsored by Samaritan's Purse); Christians in Action; Evangel Home; Trans World Radio &
                                                        Marge Farley.  It's a lot of work, so remember them in prayer and thank them when you can!       


December 2018

Dec 1&2   SAT   10AM-4PM    Central Sierra Chambr of Commerce Christmas Boutique.  This year, Hilltop Chapel will have a spot at the boutique to give out 

                   SUN  10 AM-2PM   information concerning our outreach within the community as well as church activities and services.  Hope to see you there.
Dec 4       TUE   11:00 AM        Helping Hands Christmas Meeting & Potluck.  This month's get together will be held at the home of Donna Stieber.  This is
                                                       always a special day for all of our ladies with Christmas carols, talking about the "Reason for the Season", all kinds of delicious
                                                       Christmas delicacies and remembrances of Christmases past.  Come on out and join us!
Dec 6        THU   6:00 PM          Official Board Christmas Dinner at Twin Valley's Restaurant.  We set aside our Christmas meeting for a time of fellowship, good
                                                       food and giving thanks to God for all He does in our lives, individually and as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Dec 15      SAT   8:00 AM          Men's Breakfast & Fellowship.  Someone once said:  "It's pretty hard to mess up breakfast."  Our men's Christmas breakfast will try not
                                                       to ruin that sentiment.  We'll vary the menu a bit, but it will still taste like breakfast when we're done.  The coffee's always black & hot 
                                                       and the conversation lively and fun.  Come on out and spend an hour or so with your brothers in Christ.
Dec 17     MON  6:00 PM          Christmas Caroling.  Our caroling group has grown over the past couple of years and we'd like to continue that trend.  So, bring a 
                                                       warm jacket, mittens, a heart full of song and join us as we fill the night air with Christmas carols.  It's lots of fun and there are goodies
                                                       of all kinds, hot chocolate, hot cider and coffee at the end of the night.
Dec 23     SUN   11:00 AM       Christmas Worship Service.  This year we're going to be doing some great Christmas music, sharing the Good News  of Great Joy, and
                                                       looking toward the peace on Earth that only Jesus can bring when He returns.
                             12:15 PM        Christmas Party & Ornament Exchange.  Every year at this time we all bring ornaments to church to exchange with others and choose 
                                                       our prayer partners for 2019.  You won't want to miss this very special event.
Dec 31     MON   7:00 PM         New Year's Eve Candlelight Service.   As we anticipate the year 2019, we look upon the horizon and see all the wonderful possibilities.
                                                       God's plan for the future is perfect and we're part of that plan.  Come join us as we give our Lord glory and honor for His manifest love,
                                                       grace and mercy.  May His richest blessings be yours in the New Year.

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For further details, please call Hilltop Chapel at (559) 336-2454