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June 2017 

June 11 SUN 11:00 AM Guest Speaker—We welcome a new messenger of God’s word, this
                                         morning.  Russell Crose is well known to many of you and a little less
                                          known to others.  He has a heart for Jesus, a hunger for the Word and
                                         a desire to share it with others.  Please, give him a warm welcome and
                                         encourage him with your kind attention.
June 17 SAT 8:00 AM  Men’s Breakfast & Fellowship—The men of the church will be sharing
                                       a hearty breakfast, telling tall tales, singing (always a treat) and taking a
                                       few minutes to read and discuss something from God’s word.  It’s good
                                       for men to join together in Christian fellowship.  Come join us!
     10:00 AM Ladies’ Craft Day—Our group is growing larger and lots of good crafting
                                        is getting done, so come on out and join the fun (that actually rhymes)!
June 22 THU 7:00 PM Deacons’ & Deaconesses’ Meeting—The Deacons & Deaconesses have
                                       really been busy with myriad issues facing different members of our
                                       congregation.  Some challenges are complex, some simple, but the good
                                       of each individual involved is always the primary concern.  Prayer is our
                                       main avenue of choice in all situations and your prayers on our behalf
                                       are greatly appreciated.
Supper & A Movie        June & July will be months off for our monthly movie presentations.
                                      We’re gearing up for some excellent Christian films starting in
                                      August, so put Aug. 27th on your calendars and we’ll look forward to
                                       seeing you at 5:30 PM, (Miramonte Mountain Time).
MISSIONS MOMENT It’s amazing to think of the literally thousands of missions groups that
                                        support missionaries around the world.  Our mission outreaches have
                                        been consistently amazed by the faithfulness in giving by our “little”
                                        congregation over the years.  Your generosity enables these groups to
                                         continue implement programs that reach countless lives, all over the
                                        globe, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray earnestly that many lives
                                         will be brought into the “family of God” in 2017.

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