Music Ministry

Music Ministry

Providing an opportunity to praise God with joyful singing.
Contact:  Judy Strayer, Music Chairman

                                                                                            MUSIC MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT

     God gave us a special treat when He created music for everyone to enjoy.  Good Christian music can reach people's souls.  The music helps to give feeling and meaning on a deeper level to the words in songs.

     Music is also a great way to bring people's hearts closer together.

     The Hilltop Singers group was started when Judy Strayer got a small group of singers together to sing a Christian song in 2005.  Pastor Rod told them to keep going, and named them the "Hilltop Singers", and they have been joyfully singing ever since.

     If you think you can sing in tune, and possibly even have an ear for harmony, please join us.

                                                         It is a good thing to sing praises unto they name, O Most High -- Psalm 92:1

                                                                         For further information, please contact Judy Strayer 

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