Nursery Care

Nursery Care

Available to parents of young children during Sunday morning worship service and at other times as scheduled.
Contact:  Lesley Davison, Christian Education Chairman

                                                                                                  NURSERY CARE SPOTLIGHT

     Nursery care is available to the parents of wee ones during our church worship service on Sunday mornings.  The care is provided for infants and children until they have completed Kindergarten (age 5 or 6).

     This service provides parents with time to themselves for worship.  It also allows others to experience a distraction-free atmosphere in which to hear God's Word.

     For many years, Dorothy McFarland graciously watched over the little ones during this hour.  Now the opportunity is available to others who enjoy kids and are looking for a way to serve the Lord.

     Thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped in the past and to those who continue to make this program possible.

                                                                                  For more information, please see Lesley Davison     

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