Used Stamp Ministry

Used Stamp Ministry

Cancelled stamps are collected, processed, and sold to provide Sunday School material in Latin American countries.
Contact:  Donna Symons, Assistant Missions Chairman

                                                                            USED STAMP MISSION MINISTRY SPOTLIGHT

     The ladies of Helping Hands offer you the opportunity of supporting one other mission outreach.  All you need do is clip the stamps from envelopes that come into your home, place of business, etc., leaving 1/4 inch to 1/3 inch border around the stamp.  Drop them into a small box, envelope, etc., and bring them to church from time to time.  The ladies will do the rest, and it won't cost you a dime.

     They collect the used stamps, then meet occasionally after Tuesday morning Bible Study to trim, sort, and mail them to Fort Myers in Florida.  In Fort Myers, there is a lovely Christian retirement home.  Here, ladies meet twice a week to further process the stamps and sell them to a business which, in turn, sells them to collectors.

     Proceeds from the stamp sale are used to support the preparation, publishing and distribution of Spanish-language curriculum of Sunday School material in Latin America.  They have published more than 50 lesson series that are being used in churches of 40 different denominations in 19 Latin American countries.  Stamps from hundreds of churches produce thousands of dollars a year.  Since the beginning of this ministry in 1972, over $975,000.00 has been raised.

     Please save your stamps.  There is a box for them in the church vestibule.  A little effort for us -- with big results.           THANK YOU.

                                                     For further information, please see Donna Symons, Assistant Missions Chairman.

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