Meeting weekly at 10 A.M. on Tuesday mornings in the Fellowship Hall.
Contact:  Pastor Rod Davison

                                                                              LADIES BIBLE STUDY SPOTLIGHT

     Like Helping Hands, our Ladies Bible Study has been ongoing for many years.  It is taught by the Pastor every Tuesday morning at 10 A.M., except the first Tuesday of each month when we meet at 11 A.M. as part of 'Helping Hands' monthly potluck, Bible Study and business meeting.

     For the regular Bible Study, we meet at the church for one hour from 10 to 11 A.M.   Most often, the Pastor picks the subject of our study.  In the present and recent past, we have been studying the individual books of the Bible.

     Occasionally, we stay after Bible Study and work on processing used postage stamps for our Used Stamp Ministry.

     There are no rules or dues -- just a time of study and fellowship in our journey of faith.

     If you are free on Tuesday mornings -- JOIN US.

                                                                        For more information -- please contact Pastor Rod Davison

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